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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X-Box 720: Update

Are you getting the August issue of OXM? If you are, you'll find an article that talks about the graphics of the new X-Box. But why wait until August, when I can give you details now. The technology company AMD claims that graphics will be as detailed as James Cameron's Avatar. For those who've watched the movie, know that Avatar has one of the best CGI. Here is part of the upcoming article from OXM:

AMD would not confirm it was actually working on the next Xbox but director of ISV relationships at AMD, Neal Robison, has said that gamers have a lot to be excited about. Beyond visual fidelity Robison claims that the AI and physics capabilities of the next generation will allow for every pedestrian in an open-world title like GTA or Saints Row to be an individual character with a unique personality. This would mean NPCs would react in a whole host of new and different ways to in-game actions. 

For more details you can go to who posted the article. Do you think that AMD is working on the new X-Box? Perhaps. Now this brings up a valid point from one of the readers. How much will this cost us?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Premiere

This week was the teaser trailer of Batman The Dark Knight Rises. I managed to watch it before Warner Bros. decided to make a copyright claim. Which means YouTube users are banned from posting it online. How else can you watch it? By going to your nearest theater and buy a ticket for Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows - Part 2.

Now we're being told that they will debut The Amazing Spider-Man trailer next week. Where can you catch the trailer? None other than Marvel's own Captain America: The First Avenger.

In addition to the trailer, Entertainment Weekly gave us photo scans from movie. In the images of The Amazing Spider-Man you'll see scenes from the movie. The film is scheduled to be released July 3, 2012. Still not convinced? Just give it some time to see how it all plays out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Description

Now that we're closing in on the release of "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows - Part 2," the hot topic seems to revolve around "Batman The Dark Knight Rises." Since the announcement of the teaser trailer to premiere with the Harry Potter film, more rumors and spoilers have hit the web. One in particular is a description of what appears in the trailer. Someone on Twitter claims to have seen the trailer and even posted the spoiler for us to read.

A few weeks ago, a spy recorded Christian Bale filming a scene with who appears to be either Anne Hathaway or Marion Cotillard (video quality isn't all that great to confirm.) Maybe you can determine who the female is in the video.

It almost seems inevitable. Warner Bros. was kind enough to provide us with a teaser poster. Will they show the trailer or is this their plot to get a hold of our attention. Some claim that it resembles the poster from the movie, "Inception." I'll let you be the judge.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Info

Is anyone planning to watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows - Part 2 in theaters? Well if you are, then you might be in luck. According to SuperHeroHype, they received word from a "trustworthy source" that they're showing a teaser trailer for Batman The Dark Knight Rises. We're still waiting for confirmation from Warner Bros. So for non Harry Potter fans, will you go watch the movie just to see the trailer or wait until someone uploads the trailer on YouTube?

Do you live by or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Maybe you'll want to pass around Carnegie Mellon University. Why? Because they're going to be filming scenes for the movie. Filming will begin on July 30-31 and again August 3-4. Scenes will include: explosions, gunfire, prison break, a standoff between two rivals, etc. Fans think that this would be a scene in which Bane escapes prison and battles Batman. What do you think? For more information, check out SuperHeroHype.

So why so much secrecy with the cast? Some of the case role has yet to be revealed. Rumors suggest that Marion Cotillard might be playing Talia Al Ghul. Also, spotted was Liam Neeson in the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Rumors are that he already filmed a scene. Perhaps, we will see him in a short cameo. We already know that we're going to see a younger version of Ra's Al Ghul played by Josh Pence.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Anxious? I know I can't wait. One year to go and counting.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Transformers Rumors

It's only been a little over a week and now rumors are hitting the web about the new Transformers movie. This doesn't come to a surprise with the success that Transformers: Dark of the Moon has had so far. I personally think that it's too early to start speculating. Paramount Pictures hasn't made any official announcements, but in an interview producer Don Murphy sees potential in the franchise and is confident that they will make a new trilogy.

Let's begin by mentioning that it is too early to confirm the rumors about Jason Statham being front runner of landing the lead role in the new film. The studios plan is to take a darker approach. According to them, it also boosts their marketing because of his connection to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Perhaps they're trying to find someone to fill in the void with Shia LaBeouf's departure.

Rumors are also circulating that Steven Spielberg may take over now that Michael Bay said Transformers 3 was his last. It began in an interview that Tyrese Gibson had. He feels that Steven Spielberg is highly respected and would safely assume that he can direct Transformers 4. If anyone can pull it off it's him. It would also attract more audience who follows his movies. Check out the full interview here:

What do you think about starting a new trilogy? Do you think Jason Statham would be a good fit in the Transformers saga? How about Steven Spielberg as the new director?

It may be a while before we get any definite answers. Meanwhile, the rumors will continue. I hope that Paramount Pictures is listening to the audience.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers' Next Movie

So what's next for the Transformers movie franchise? Should the next movie installment be a sequel, a prequel, a reboot, or should they shift over to a different story arc? Who will take over the project now that Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf both stated that Transformers 3 would be their last. These are questions that people like myself are asking now.

Should they continue with a sequel, I would imagine that they'd follow the concept from the animated movie version of Transformers. This would be a good opportunity to introduce new characters such as: Unicron, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Dinobots, Cyclonus Scourge, and the Sweeps to name a few. If you've seen the movie, then you know that Unicron converts Megatron into Galvatron. Optimus Prime dies and passes down the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus. Unicron sends Galvatron and his minion to destroy the Matrix. He defeats Ultra Magnus and obtains the Matrix in hopes that he can use it against Unicron, but his attempt failed. In the end, Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime after retrieving the Matrix and uses its power to defeat Unicron. In my honest opinion, this story would be a perfect way to continue and would make sense if they want to resurrect Megatron (again!).

How about a prequel? I'm not a huge fan of moving backwards. If they do, maybe they can start the story by explaining how the war began between the Transformers. It should also take place in the planet Cybertron. This means no humans in the movie, just strictly robots fighting in their home planet. A great source to study would be Transformers: War for Cybertron video game. Check out for more information. If they can turn this game into a movie, I'm sold.

What do you think about a reboot? My answer: Please no. Not only is it too soon, but you can't discredit Michael Bay. Not that I'm saying that he did a fantastic job, but he did better than other directors when it came to making a trilogy (e.g. Spider-Man 3, X-Men: The Last Stand).

Do you think it's time to switch Transformers into Beast Wars? This series takes place in the future after the original series. The Autobots are known as the Maximals, and the Decepticons are known as the Predacons.  The planet that they inhabit is full of raw Energon. This proves to be poisonous to them in robot form and for protection they are forced to transform into animals. The majority plot involves interacting with artifacts from an alien race known as the Vok. It would be interesting to see how they can turn this series into a movie.

Take a look at what Hasbro's CEO Brian Goldner had to say about continuing Transformers.

Also, will rumors circulate about Steven Spielberg directing the next Transformers movie.

What are you thoughts? Place your vote in the Transformers poll.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Robbery Lesson

For my first entry in Blogger, I'm going to share a personal story.

It dawned on me that it's been over a year since I was almost robbed in the train. It's crazy because it was also about a week before my son was born. At the time, I was getting out of work at 10 pm. I normally go on about my business and never really paid attention to my surroundings. Typically the trains would still be packed with people but this night was different. So clearly I ignored all the warning signs.

I was on an empty train car. I had the iPhone 3GS in my hand. I noticed from the corner of my eye, these 2 kids (they must have been in their teens) looking at me from the other train car. They transferred to the car that I was in and kept walking to the middle of the train, so I thought nothing of it and ignored them. About a minute later, they both came up to me. While one was trying to take the phone off my hands, the other was telling me that he had a gun. Now I know what you're thinking, you're saying: "Why risk your life over a phone?" Believe me. I'm asking myself the same question.

The only problem was that I wasn't thinking clearly. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. My instincts was to defend myself. The only thoughts that kept circling my mind was my unborn son. About a few seconds after their robbery attempt, the train reached a station and they got out. And I was left unharmed. A week after my son was born, I lost my phone! Coincidence? You tell me. But at least it gave me a reason to get my hands on the iPhone 4.

Lesson: Don't flash anything of value to you. When you're going to ride the train, stick to the area that is more populated. And god forbid, but if you're being robbed, the best thing to do is give them what they want. You can always make up for the loss. Your life is worth more than the object they're stealing. Never take life for granted.